The ArtvengersInspired by the Avengers movie and my life long addiction to comic books.

One thought on “THE ARTVENGERS

  1. Hi Jim,
    Who wouldn’t feel safe with these guys having your “6” Ha Ha. Nicely done, Jim.
    Cheers! Where eagles fly, Don (Syracuse, N.Y.) Formerly with CNYartists.

    See my latest link. Please go there and leave a comment. It was selected by BYU as one of the 101 nights of (Arabian NIghts) readings under the category: “Stories of Hope”.

    I’d love it if folks here would go to the link I’m posting to read and post comments on my piece.

    Of the stories to be read at B.Y.U. for 101 nights (Arabian Nights) mine was selected and is posted at #68. The #68 is not a rating but when it came for possible selection.

    Where eagles fly,
    Don (Greywolf) Ford
    Author of “Royal Ferdinand” and “Death & Taxes”, both here at Solstice.

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